1    La Science du Langage

2    Space Ship

3    16.6.17

4    While Lynn Was Working

5    A Night Drive to Oneal Lane (feat Dr Geo)

6    Sunrise On The 7th Ward

7    La Nature Humaine

8    Enfin le Mauvais Temps feat Dr Geo)

9    Nuit Blanche

10  Fratelli Di Un ‘Altra Madre (feat Mr Bios)

11  L’origine de Shadya

12  ça pianote



La Science du Langage (LP/Digital)

SPCFC049 // CKK076

Specific Recording // Chez.Kito.Kat Records

December 2019

All songs played and recorded in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Milan and Montreal by Samuel Ricciuti between 2014 and 2019

Mixed by Michael Galetto at Maikeru Tekina Kyoku Studio

Aditional instruments by Dr Geo on "A Drive To Oneal Lane" and "Enfin Le Mauvais Temps"

Aditional Instruments by Mr Bios on "Fratelli Di Un'Altra Madre"

Choppin Valse 7 played by Fanny Vo on "ça pianote"

Mastered by Christophe Biache at Gorze Profonde Studio

Artwork by Jennie Zakrzewski